Police Explorer Program

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NOVATO POLICE EXPLORER PROGRAM                    Explorer Brouchure                        

The Explorer Program is sponsored and supported by the Novato Police Department. The program was created in 1969 and was known as the Police Explorer Post #392. In 2001, the name was changed to Explorer Program.

This program is open to young men and women who are at least fourteen years of age and have completed the eighth grade or fifteen years of age and not yet twenty-one years of age. Members do not have to reside in the City of Novato. All Explorer positions are voluntary.


The Explorer Program exists to provide the opportunity for young people to become aware of the Law Enforcement system in their community and to witness and participate in the working environments of the numerous law enforcement areas. The program is also designed to provide the Novato Police Department with mature and highly motivated volunteer manpower for use during special events and other day to day routines.

The Program increases knowledge and experience in the field of law enforcement while developing strong citizenship and leadership qualities

Teenagers who are interested in law enforcement and are considering it as a career, will get first hand exposure to the field. This comes through observation, participation and education. Explorers are able to ride with officers during their duty hours to gain first hand knowledge.


Explorers attend regularly scheduled meetings. Members participate in training covering topics such as: handcuffing and search techniques; traffic control and stops; report writing; dusting, taking and lifting fingerprints; clerical and dispatch duties and defensive tactics. Other topics include: criminal and traffic laws; first aid, crowd control and radio procedures. In addition to the in-house training, Explorers attend regional and national training conferences and academies.


The Explorer Program volunteers its time to various community organizations, providing a variety of services: Security and parking details; bicycle rodeo and licensing; child fingerprinting; “Safety Fair” and “Police Fair,” just to name a few.


If you are interested in joining or obtaining more information about the Explorer Program, please contact us at 415-897-4361. Membership is open and continuous.

You are welcome to attend one of our meetings at the Novato Police Department on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, 5:00 p. m.


¨ File an application with the Program Advisor.

¨ Be willing to volunteer at least 10 hours of service each month.

¨ With the approval of the Program Advisor (and parental approval) interested applicants may attend meetings.


¨ Possess acceptable grades - “C” average.

¨ Pass an oral board.

¨ Be of good moral character as determined by a background investigation, completed prior to appointment.

¨ Successfully complete a 2 month probationary period.


¨ Must wear a uniform.

¨ Maintain at least a “C” GPA.

¨ Attend regular training and meetings.

¨ Participate in Program activities.

¨ Subject to disciplinary action: Suspension, probation or dismissal.

¨ Participate in a rank structure established by promotion: Explorer, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain.

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