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City of Novato Memorial Request Information

The City of Novato supports memorial requests to commemorate the life of a loved one, especially as they provide a meaningful benefit to the community. In order to best meet the needs of park users, the community and maintenance staff, the following information has been provided to help you decide what kind of memorial you would like to request.    

Memorial trees and benches may be placed in one of the following parks:  Pioneer, Miwok and Josef Hoog. The exact location of trees and benches will be discussed with the requestor and then considered and approved by the Parks & Recreation Director and Public Works Department.

Please note that the City of Novato does not allow for the distribution or scattering of any ashes or human remains in City parks. For more information, please refer to PRCS Department Park Policy 6.

Trees: Trees require ongoing maintenance. Because the City has limited resources to tend to maintenance, the selection of trees and time of planting is important, as that can help ensure the longevity and success of a new tree. Trees in parks need to complement the overall landscape of the park and allow existing uses to continue.

If you are interested in being involved in planting the tree, please let us know on the request form. We will make arrangements to do so, subject to staff availability and the completion of City of Novato liability paperwork.

The City can also provide a boulder at the base of the tree, into which a memorial plaque can be installed.

Approved trees for park memorial requests: Chinese Pistachio, Cork Oak, Crape Myrtle, Flowering Cherry, Ginko Biloba, Pin Oak, Redbud, Red Maple and Red Oak. 

Memorial Benches: Benches must be located in a public place that will benefit the public, and must be approved prior to installation. Memorial benches are made from a variety of different materials, prices for which will vary. They are six (6) feet long and include a seat back. If desired, a memorial plaque can be installed in the back of the bench.

Memorial Plaque: Memorial plaques can accompany both memorial trees and benches. Memorial plaques must be supplied by the requestor, and adhere to the following guidelines.

     Size: 4 inches tall x 10 inches wide
     Material: Bronze

No more than three total lines of text. Exact plaque wording must be approved by the City of Novato prior to ordering.

Request a Memorial Tree or Bench
If interested in purchasing a memorial bench or tree, please complete a Memorial Request Form and return it as instructed. You can download the form below and return it via email or postal mail. After your request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a Novato employee for additional information. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for staff to properly review your request. The timeline for installation will vary, depending on time of year and staff and vendor availability, but please allow a minimum of two months for the complete installation of your memorial tree or bench.

The cost of materials, supplies and installation of benches, trees, and plaques are the responsibility of the requestor, not the City.

Requests can be denied if any of the park locations are not in need of more trees or seating (as determined by staff), or for other reasons, including but not limited to: maintenance, upcoming renovation work or number of memorials already within the park.

Download Memorial Request Form