Novato Boulevard Improvements

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Novato Blvd - South End
Novato Blvd: Proposed 3-Lane Option

Project Overview

Novato Boulevard Improvements - Diablo to Grant (CIP 01-004)


This project is intended to provide operational improvement, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian facilities to Novato Blvd. between Diablo Avenue and Grant Avenue. This project was included in the voter-approved Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) Measure A Transportation Sales Tax list of projects anticipated to receive funding and as Northern Marin’s first funding priority for regionally significant roads. 


Novato Boulevard between Diablo Avenue and Grant Avenue.

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Improvements are needed to enable the roadway and intersections to operate more efficiently and to enhance safety and usability for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. 


Construction is estimated to begin in the spring of 2020 and could take 12-24 months to complete the work pending final determination of the scope of work to be performed.


The preliminary construction and right-of-way capital cost estimates range from $10-15 million for the three-lane layout to $20-25 million for the five-lane layout.  There is approximately $12.5 million programmed for project capital expenditures. 

Project Updates:

6/5/18: An update on the Novato Blvd Improvements Project will be given at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 12 at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Staff will be recommending that a new three-lane layout be selected as the preferred alternative for this project instead of the current five-lane layout. The three-lane layout includes one through-lane in each direction and a continuous center turn lane. The three-lane alternative would likely reduce costs and environmental impacts.

Current 5-Lane Layout Recommended 3-Lane Layout
 Removes approximately 51 mature trees   Removes approximately 28 mature trees
 Wider “footprint” may impact Novato Creek        Narrower “footprint” avoids Novato Creek
 Acquires land from 27+ properties  Acquires land from approximately 6 properties    
 Demolishes at least 3 houses  No houses are demolished
 Preliminary cost estimate: $20-25M  Preliminary cost estimate: $10-15M

Several public workshops and meetings regarding this project have been held over the past ten years. The three-lane layout was presented at the most recent public workshops in April 2018 and the overwhelming majority of workshop participants preferred the three-lane alternative.

Residents’ concerns regarding proposed turning restrictions at Los Alondras Court have been addressed in the recommended three-lane alternative.  No restrictions are proposed for any side streets connecting to Novato Blvd.

Staff is recommending City Council select the three-lane layout as the preferred alternative and is requesting authorization to file a Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report for the Novato Boulevard Improvements Project. Anyone wishing to learn more about this project and/or make public comments is invited to attend the City Council meeting on June 12, 2018.

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